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It really irks me when people say receptionist don’t really have to do anything but to sit there all day.

No. We don’t just sit there all day, we have to deal with nasty patients that come into the office and get bitched at for no reason.

No. We don’t just sit here all day, we have to walk back and forth to grab charts and make sure the assistants are calling patients in so things can run efficiently.

No. We don’t just sit there all day, we have to follow up on patients questions, insurances and prior approvals.

If you’ve never been in my shoes, what makes you think you can tell me that I have it easy by sitting in the front doing nothing but phone calls?

It’s not like you don’t slack and sit in the lunch room for an hour doing nothing.

You don’t have to deal with incompetent patients who argues with you when you’re actually trying to help them instead.

You don’t have to answer questions that are health related or anything that deals with insurances. Because all you do is assist the freaking doctor.

Receptionists has it tough also. Just because we’re not physically tired does not mean we’re not mentally tired. We get our asses yelled at because you’re taking your sweet time doing nothing in the back.

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